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Flavours as rich as our history

Every bite thin and crunchy, guaranteed!

Maimai Thai Snacks started as a factory in Sukhothai where our ancestors fried bananas, taro, potatoes, and pumpkins into delicious snacks for locals to enjoy. We realised there was an abundance of natural ingredients in the area which inspired us to make our own Thai snacks that not only taste good, but are healthy too. After years refining our recipe, we’re excited to introduce for worldwide consumption our take on traditional Thai snacks: sweet and savoury dried banana chips called Maimai, the Thai word for “something new.”

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Available in Paprika,
Thai Caramel, and Original

Low in sugar, but seasoned just right. Each piece comes in a variety of thickness, length, and texture. Tasty on their own, and just as good in countless recipes!

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Why Maimai Thai Snacks?

Every bite thin and crunchy, guaranteed!

Thailand has plenty of local ingredients to create traditional Thai dishes and snacks. We would like to introduce our snack to other parts of the world by internationalising our product’s sanitation and taste. We then export them around the globe to fulfill our ambition of delivering tasty snacks from Thailand to the world kitchen.